A General Summary of Team Records.

Coach Uram:  107 Wins – 0 Losses.  12 consecutive undefeated seasons.  12 consecutive WPIGL Team Championships.  3 State Championships   and one second place in the four Penn State sponsored Pennsylvania Gymnastics State Meets.  6 High School Team Championships in the Cleveland Swiss Turner Invitational.


Coach McKinnis:

Boys’ Teams: 101 Wins – 16 Losses.  2 consecutive undefeated seasons.  2 consecutive undefeated WPIAL Section        Championships.  2 consecutive undefeated WPIAL Championships. 8 WPIAL second places.  8 WPIAL Section I second place finishes. No PIAA state team competitions offered in his tenure.


Girls’ Teams:  42 Wins – 21 losses.  1 undefeated Section Championship. 9 second place finishes in WPIAL Section.  3 third and 7 fourth place finishes in WPIAL .


Coach Heasley: 

Boys’ Teams:  24 Wins – 6 Losses.  3 second places in WPIAL Section.  3 second place finishes in WPIAL.  3 top four teams in  PIAA.

Girls’ Teams:  54 wins – 2 losses.  4 undefeated WPIAL Section Championships.  2 undefeated WPIAL team championships. 3 WPIAL second place teams.  2 undefeated PIAA State Champioshipteams.  3 PIAA second places.


Coach Pribis:   21 wins – 12 losses.  3 third places in WPIAL Section. 3 Fourth places in WPIAL.   


Combined teams historical record:  349 wins – 57 losses

Although the records are incomplete, at least 144 BHS boy and girl gymnasts are known to have competed on NCAA Division I or Division II college gymnastics teams.   By the mid-1990’s the rapid development   of private clubs and their immediate tie to the US Olympic program had taken a severe toll on NCAA mens gymnastics programs.  Only about twenty of what was once over a hundred team collegiate programs still existed.  Club gymnasts dominated those teams and no true high school team existed.  Paradoxically, even though the effect of private club gymnastics also eliminated the girls high school teams, the popularity of women’s gymnastics boomed at the NCAA level.  Club gymnasts completely dominated the expansion of women’s NCAA gymnastics.